Zara yellow coat – 70s twist

Zara yellow coat – 70s twist

Hi everyone, so I wrote about a lovely yellow coat I bought from Zara, and the challenge was to show how versatile I believe yellow can be. Now before I go any further I described the colour of the coat as yellow. My friend insists that its ‘mustard’ another friend says its ‘Canary’ yellow. Now I’m confused, what kind of yellow is this coat please?

Give your suggestions below, please help me clarify this because all the ‘yellows’ on google images look the same. Lol

Right, now to revamp this coat I drew inspiration from this seasons hottest trend, the 70s.
So think suede, velvets, plaid, big glasses and corduroys. However no one wants to look like they’re wearing fancy dress, as much as I appreciate the comedic genius of Austin Powers, I won’t be using him as a style muse. The trick is to mix and match, less is more. Here’s my take on it..

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Coat, Scarf, Vest - Zara | Skinny Jeans - All Saints | Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs | Shoes - Chloe |
Photos by CANO