Vintage Special – 1920s Fur Jacket

Vintage Special – 1920s Fur Jacket

I’m a big fan of vintage clothes. I especially love the 1920’s, 30’s fur jackets and stoles. I have also been known to occasional buy 1950’s, 60’s sunglasses.

However, I am always very cautious about not looking like I’m wearing a costume, believe me, it’s a very thin line so easily crossed. Here’s my guide to avoiding looking like you’ve just stepped out of Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Lol

I remember I was on my way to buy milk, let’s just say I got home with a lovely vintage piece and no milk..

When styling an item of vintage clothing, it’s important to team it up with something modern and contemporary. This could be in the style of the cut, the colour or the fabric, as demonstrated in these images.

I bought this 1920’s fur Jacket from Portobello market about 3 years ago. I remember I was on my way to Tesco to buy milk, let’s just say I returned home with a lovely vintage piece and no milk.
One of my best vintage purchases to date. It was in great condition, the colour, the shape and most of all for £110 I had to get it. This jacket is best styled casual smart. It’s great with skinny jeans and a favourite old t-shirt with knee high boots, for that dressed down casual smart look. It’s definitely my go to favourite item of clothing, you’ll be seeing more of it in my posts.

Quick question before I sign out …when is it ok to refer to an item of clothing as vintage? I still find it very difficult referring to 90s clothing as vintage. Can you relate? I want to hear from you…

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Rita x

1920 Fur Jacket - Portobello Market | Sunglasses - Other Stories | Skinny Jeans - Zara | Bag - Zara |
Photos by Cuts For Him