The H&M Scarf – (1)

The H&M Scarf – (1)

Hey everyone so as I’m typing this I’m sneezing and coughing in between, the weather has been terrible. Where are the seasonal spring promises? Flowers budding, tulips, daffodils, blossoms? Instead of hearing the birds chirping in the morning,  I am constantly being disturbed by canoodling, cooing pigeons. I seriously cannot stand that noise they make it’s so annoying…sorry rant over.

Okaaaay let’s talk style, there’s nothing that says spring more than a nice printed silk or polyester scarf in pastel colours. Its a lovely way of introducing lighter colours into your wardrobe whilst the weather warms up. I recently purchased a gorgeous scarf from H&M and at £7.99 I was laughing all the way to the cash register, what a bargain. Its quite a generous size so it can be worn in various ways, as a headscarf, scarf around the neck and many more. Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing you how versatile a scarf can be. It really is the ultimate accessory to have for quick updates. However first let’s do the headscarf.

The Turban

The turban, think 1970s Elizabeth Taylor or Charlie’s Angels kind of vibe. This look is very glamorous and its not completed without sunglasses.  It is best paired up with a peasant styled big sleeved top as demonstrated or a Maxi dress. It can be quite hippie chic depending on your preference.

I came across one of my favourite duos on YouTube The Colour Pop Girls tutorial on headscarf and loved their version of the turban and many other clever interesting ways of tying a headscarf.  Take a look and have fun trying them out. Let me know how you get on.

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Scarf - H&M |

Shirt - Gap (old) |

The Colour Pop Girls

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