The Art of the Flower Guy

The Art of the Flower Guy


As a creative, I am always on the lookout for inspiration. Forever searching for something different something new. I came across Devin Tracy’s work on Instagram it caught my eye immediately. His work reminded me of a Jan Van Huysum still life, and I loved the use of photomontage and digital art, something so simple yet very striking. However seasoned graphic designers are probably reading this and rolling their eyes as you can argue by saying it’s just good photo editing skills and nothing more. Nevertheless, I was interested in the story behind these images because not only is Devin Tracy a self-taught graphic designer but he is known first as a thriving Singer Songwriter. What I really wanted to know was how did the two come together and why flowers?  Here’s what I found out.


1) Which one came first the music or the art?

The music came first, I started singing as a toddler didn’t start writing my own lyrics until I was in middle school. But I was always into art as a child. I use to draw all the time my material would get posted all over school but loved to sing so I guess you would say they came together.


1) What made you start creating art?

Well, I see everything I do as art not only when I’m drawing. For me I consider the clothes I wear, the way I speak, my hair style as a form of art the prescription glasses ha ..even the colours I wear on my feet. (Shoes of course) So I guess I’ve always created art it’s just that I am more aware of it now.


3) What message are you conveying in your artwork?

Art is everywhere in and on people, well that’s how I see it. I’m a singer/songwriter first, so I see colours in everything and in everybody It helps with the music I create as well as the art that you see on my social media. I want to let people know that it’s ok to be different as well.


4) Why flowers?

In these portraits, I add flowers because for one I love flowers and I wanted to showcase everyone’s beauty. I wanted to highlight what’s already there if that makes sense.


5) What’s the connection between your art and your music?

I’m all about colour when you hear my music or hear me sing live, you can tell I like to colour. I usually colour with a paint brush..metaphorically speaking. I’ve been told by friends/family that my music and my art are very vibrant. Even the dark songs have a few bright colours. It’s like smiling while you’re crying. My Good afternoon EP I created the album cover for that. ( I was thinking about fall and spring colliding. The EP is about finally getting over someone you were in love with, but you fell in love with this person at the last minute so it’s the residuals if that makes sense. The “fall” was me getting over. The “Springtime” was me falling in love but it was too late. People go through that but are afraid to tell that story that I did through my music.


Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Photo by Ugo Mozie | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Jan Van Hysum - Photo via Pinterest

Photo by Charles Mitchell | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Photo by Justin French | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey


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