My Balkan Adventure – Bosnia & Herzegovina

My Balkan Adventure – Bosnia & Herzegovina (Day 2)

 Day 1: Dubrovnik, Croatia

 Day 3: Montenegro

You can never be too organised on a short break the key is to maximise the time, so it’s always best to book activities before getting on the plane to your destination. On this trip, we booked with Viator back in London so on the day of our tour of Bosnia & Herzegovina, all we had to do was to be ready at 7:00 am and wait for the tour bus to pick us from the hotel. The guide that Viator provided was very knowledgeable in the history of Croatia and Bosnia. The tour took us through the countryside and the beautiful coast line of Croatia and then onto Bosnia & Herzegovina. Our first stop was Mostar




I’m not sure if it was the cobbled streets with little alley ways and tiny houses or peharps the mini Mostar bridge, and pines trees in the distance which created a lovely backdrop to the vendors lining the streets, but I felt like I was on the set of ‘Lord of the Rings’ or a ‘Hobbit’ movie. It was soO pretty and I could’ve stood around longer staring into a distance, imagining little fairies and hobbits if it wasn’t so hot. Mostar can get as hot as 50 degrees and it was 42 that day!! The sun felt like it was biting my skin.



Naturally, we stopped at Mostar bridge, the iconic arch bridge which has been standing strong since it was built in 1556. (447 years) It was unfortunately destroyed in 1993 during the war.  Even though this bridge is a reconstruction of the original, UNESCO explains well: “The reconstructed Old Bridge and Old City of Mostar are symbols of reconciliation, international cooperation and the coexistence of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities”

Nowadays the Mostar bridge is known for the famous diving competition the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and if you hang around long enough you can watch the locals dive into the Neretva river below. It is common for the young men in the town to gather It is common for the young men in the town to gather donations from the tourists crowding around to watch, and then will jump once they feel they have raised enough money.  Since the water below is so cold, they will come down to the shore first to take a dip in the water and get their body used to it before jumping. Those who jump are skilled in diving (the water is only 3 meters deep and it is certainly not a feat for anyone to attempt!



Europa –

When it comes to food in Mostar, most of the restaurants have the same or similar traditional food since the locals cook and eat at home and not in restaurants. We chose a place that had a huge tree growing inside the restaurant. Let me rephrase that, the restaurant was built around a massive tree. Lol. We ordered a classic local dish called Ćevapčići recommended by the tour guide. It was minced meat made into small sausages with sa kajmakom (with cheese) I was very tasty however I couldn’t finish it as the portions could feed 3 people, it was huge!!


Kravice Waterfalls

After leaving Mostar which felt like an oven we headed towards the Kravica Waterfalls to cool off. We had seen pictures of the waterfall on the Viator website, but, nothing prepared us for the beauty of this place. When we arrived the first thing we did was get our phones and cameras out to film, take pictures of what we were seeing. After a couple of tries, we agreed that there were some things you cannot capture but rather you just had to experience it. This is no exaggeration it was that amazing!! I expect to see this kind of tropical beauty in an Amazon rainforest somewhere not Europe, truly stunning!! Kravica looks like a mini Niagara falls surrounded by a large lake. The waterfalls through a series of about 20 falls and 25m and it’s shallow enough to swim in. The water is a little cold at first but once you dive in it is sweet and refreshing.  Lol..



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P.S – Day 1 – Dubrovnik, Croatia



Mens Shirt x ASOS One Shoulder Crop Top

Mens Shirt x ASOS One Shoulder Crop Top


Summer has finally hit London Town, with the weather hitting 33 degrees we don’t know what to do with ourselves. You can hear the conversations on the trains and buses right now ‘Oou it’s hot innit?’ It always fascinates me how the weather seems to break down barriers, you can strike up a conversation with anyone about the weather in London and they’ll be right there complaining about it with you. It’s British thing!! Lol

There’s nothing that says summer than a lovely white cotton shirt. In my last post, I showed you how I styled my Ballooned Sleeved Shirt, in today’s post I want to share my love for men’s shirts.  As far as I’m concerned every woman needs a couple of men’s shirts in their wardrobe. They are the ultimate basics, you can wear it as a dress with a belt, wrap it around you as a top, wear it around your waist as a skirt, the styling possibilities are endless. (‘hmmm possible blog post me thinks’) It’s definitely one of my staples for the summer and I’m loving the eclectic mix available.

The versatility of men’s shirt knows no limit because it’s a basic staple I decided to style it with this one shoulder denim crop top I picked up from ASOS, this gave it a tomboy, layered look. The ASOS crop top reminded me of a fitted waistcoat or a little corset, either way, it did the trick. Now we all know when you live in a city like London with its unpredictable weather it’s important you master the layered look so you have the option of not using a jacket. The shirt and ASOS crop top were teamed up with a wide leg black trousers and a patent black and white brogues. I would normally style this look with heels however I wanted a relaxed, preppy, classic styled look. Without heels, it can look slightly oversize but I quite liked it that way.

Take a look, tell me what you think I love hearing from you so make a commented and check out my previous posts.


A Simple White Dress

A Simple White Dress


The end of summer is fast approaching I have never felt the urgency in typing a post as I have with this one. Now before you start bringing out the cardies, and scarves wait just a minute as I think there might be a little more sun left for the next 2 weeks. There are a few things I appreciate in a summer wardrobe, here are the following I will miss:

– The Perfect denim cut – off shorts. Preferably a boyfriend style denim short.

– Sandals that you can walk everywhere in/go with everything. I love this Zara pair, very minimal and simple goes with everything.

– A basket bag. – I have a very basic one I was given as a present from Ghana, however, I have my eyes on a fabulous basket bag by a Ghana-based label called AAKS which is sold at Urban Outfitters.

– A white peasant cotton top

– Simple white dress the namesake of this blog post and what my eyes, style and yes even heart are drawn to each summer. Each summer I begin an annual search for the little white dress. In previous years this search has come up strangely fruitless, yet this year there appears to be an abundance of affordable, cute little white dress styles available. This particular wrap around version served me well in Rome. It’s from my bridal line however it isn’t a wedding dress.  I wore it in the day sightseeing with my Zara sandals and in the evening to dinner with some heels. The beauty of a simple white dress is that it is an outfit in itself. White looks clean and crisp against the skin and because it is cotton mixed with Lycra it cools you down in the heat.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite simple white dresses on the high street below, however, if you’re looking for something more like what I’m wearing in these photos then look no further and contact Rita Colson London


Dress - Rita Colson London

Shoes - Zara


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My first DIY Vlog – Laced Up Espadrilles

My first DIY Vlog – Laced Up Espadrilles


If you’ve been following me for awhile you would know that I have a Bridal and Evening wear label, I’m a trained Fashion Designer, Teacher, turned Blogger and now vlogging. (these terms are so funny, I personally like to refer to myself as a ‘Creative’) In actual fact because of my designing and teaching background doing tutorials comes very easy. However watching myself afterward was a whole different story. Have you ever watched yourself in a video and thought ‘I didn’t know I sounded like that or why do I keep saying errrrrrrrm so many times? Or ‘what is that cushion doing on the floor’?

The key word in vlogging is preparation and being yourself.  With enough preparation the nerves disappear which then makes way for your true self to shine through. I almost didn’t post this video but I’m so glad I did, it has an expectedly been a bit of a therapy session and now I’m hooked. I can’t wait to film my next one teheheheheheee lol.


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The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit


In my opinion there’s one fashion item above all else that never fails to highlight its wearer as a bonafide fashion girl: The jumpsuit. Whether worn on the red carpet instead of a glammed up gown, in replacement of a wedding dress, (remember when Solange broke the internet wearing a jumpsuit at her wedding?) or on the streets of Fashion Week by an editor, blogger, or model- there’s a reason It – girls can’t get enough of the versatile one – piece.

However as wonderful and as stylish as the jumpsuit is, the one thing that often causes problems is the not so easy access to it when it comes to using the ladies! Now as a bonafide fan of the piece I would have to agree; but once you get past that issue it is the most versatile piece you can ever have in your wardrobe. This is why, when I spotted this tailored red jumpsuit on the Romwe site for a reduced price of £13.60 I snapped it up as quickly as possible. At such a low price I wasn’t expecting the quality to be good but I was wrong. The quality and the fit were superb, with my only adjustments being to the sleeves – and that was purely based on my preference.  When styling this look it was important to me that I kept it simple with little or no jewellery/ accessories as I wanted the focus to be on the shape and the streamline of the jumpsuit.


Here are some guides to choosing the best jumpsuit for your shape

The most basic of jumpsuits designs features a top attached to trousers or shorts and a cinched waist. The great thing about it is that its versatile. Designers play on the basic design and create different styles of jumpsuits. When looking for the right jumpsuit, you should always keep these 3 things in mind:


Purchase the right length

Jumpsuits come in various lengths and sizes. Taller women can often get away with sweeping the floor length pieces, while it is advisable for petite women to stick to the knee length. However if its a tailored piece then go for the longer length and team it up with heels. Aside from leg lengths they can also come in different sleeve lengths. Women who have shapely arms have the option to go bare with halter top, sleeveless, or even tube top jumpsuits. Long sleeved jumpsuits look elegant and classy, and can also be a good cover up if you’re conscious of your arms.


Buy a solid colour jumpsuit

When in doubt, a solid block of colour in a jumpsuit looks great on any woman. The continuous silhouette created by the single colour lengthens the body and creates a flattering profile.


Buy the right fit and size

The right fit is essential when buying any piece of clothing, and even more so when it comes to jumpsuits. An ill fitting jumpsuit can highlight unwanted bulges. When in doubt, a good rule when fitting a jumpsuit is to ensure the fabric remains loose and draped while cinching the waist.

I hope this guide helps you in deciding the perfect fit for your Jumpsuit, also refer to some of my alternative jumpsuits at a SALE prices.


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Rx distracted by a squirrel lol

Red jumpsuit - Romwe


Other jumpsuits on sale

White floral print jumpsuit – Romwe

Black deep V Neck jumpsuit – Romwe

Red sleeveless V Back with lace jumpsuit – Romwe

Short jumpsuit – Zara

Striped denim jumpsuit – Zara

Pyjama style jumpsuit – Zara

Copy – edited by Zoe Olukoga

Give ’em the ‘Cold Shoulder’

Give ’em the ‘Cold Shoulder’


Unsure of what to wear for your saturday night out? Just give ’em the cold shoulder. (see what I did there? Yes shoulders are officially in and showing them off has become very cool. So give the old décolletage a polish and let’s go go go!

From straight up strapless numbers to one-shouldered dresses and cut-out pieces, there are plenty of ways to wear this trend – the choice is endless. It can be found in dresses, and tops, making it versatile and very popular. This fun and flirty addition to your wardrobe is the perfect outfit for summer evening strolls and makes for an effortlessly stylish holiday look.

I recently made a stop at Zara and had  picked up literally 5-6 off the shoulder tops by the time I reached the changing room. Finally settled on this classic white cotton number. I’ve been wearing it with high-waisted trousers and sometimes with jeans, but I think pairing this look with a maxi skirt will give a whole new look.

Think: an island in the Caribbean, a flower in your hair, sipping on coconut juice whilst dancing to some island beats…oouu I was gone there! Lol..

Take look at how I styled the top and check out my other suggestions all from Zara.


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Other 'Cold Shoulder' tops from Zara Lace  Polka Dot Printed 

Top - Zara | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Chloe (old) similar Zara |


Stylish ways to wear oversized outfits

Stylish ways to wear oversized outfits


One of my favourite things to wear in spring/summer are white cotton shirts, and looser fitting or oversized clothing. I love playing around with proportions and experimenting with structure and shape. Playing around with structure and shape makes an outfit look unique because what you’re doing is reinventing the item to fit your body shape.
This white shirt I’m wearing I’ve had for about 4 years and it’s one of my favourite items in my spring/summer wardrobe. I believe in buying items of clothing that transcends fashion trends, style pieces that you love. Trends are fun and for the moment, however style is more like art pieces and do get better with time.

This shirt is all about the sleeves, and although they had my size (xs) I decided to go for a much larger fitting (L) as I wanted to create even more drama by having the sleeves bigger. I teamed the top with wide leg trousers. I could’ve easily opted for a safer option like skinny jeans which would work nicely however my aim was to experiment with the proportions and have it fitting loose on me.

Now I understand that not everyone would feel comfortable to go oversize on top and bottom. So for an alternative look for different body shapes such as, hourglass, pear, and athletic its always good to cinch in the waist and add high heels to longate yourself. Here are some more tips.


Fit the rest – Remember its all about balancing out proportions. Generally, the baggier the top the more fitted the rest of your outfit should be. (this works for hourglass, pear, athletic and apple) Skinny jeans and leggings are great casual pairings, while a fitted skirt or straight leg trousers are dressier options.


Short hemlines –  Balanced out oversized tops by teaming them with short skirts or mini skirts. A shorter hemline will hopefully offset the volume on the top. Also avoid any potentially awkward question of ‘is she or isn’t she wearing a skirt’ moments by making sure you can see the hemline of your skirt or shorts underneath your oversize top.


Cinch it in – Give a baggy top some shape by cinching it in at the waist. Pick a wider or sturdier style belt, rather than a skinny style. When it comes to ways to wear oversized tops this way, keep the rest of your look streamlined with some skinny jeans and heels.


Try different textures – Try mixing fabrics such as chiffon and silk as its very light and looks airy and ethereal.


Add height – if ever in doubt wear heels to lengthen your silhouette.


Lower it – When looking at ways to wear oversized clothes, a lot of focus has been on oversized tops. However you can also get away with wearing the oversized style on your lower half. Oversized trousers in the style of wide legged trousers, (as demonstrated in the pictures.) palazzo trousers and boyfriend jeans are all stylish options this season.


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Scarf - H&M | Shirt - Gap (old) | Trousers - H&M |