Wardrobe Staples – The Blazer

Wardrobe Staples – The Blazer


I was having a discussion with a friend and she asked me how I manage to always look so well put together? I told her I had a few rules, first of all, I buy most of my clothes when they’re on sale. I don’t really follow trends, I stick to what suits me and most of all I only buy what I love. I have also come to understand wardrobe staples, wardrobe staples?? I hear you ask, wardrobe staples are items of clothing you wear on rotation. The fact is your wardrobe staples never change, they’re the basic items that everyone looks good in and it stays consistent year after year. This discussion got me thinking, to start a series featuring my wardrobe staples showing the importance of creating a wardrobe staple that sees you through all seasons.


The Blazer

The first wardrobe staple I want to feature is the blazer. A good blazer will see you through out the whole year, depending on the fabric of course. So what equates to a good blazer? The most important thing to look for in a blazer is the shape and the fit, you need to make sure the blazer suits your shape and fits you well. A blazer is not only for the office it can be worn with denim, shorts, skirts, and dresses. The purpose of a blazer in my wardrobe is to bring the outfit together. So, for example, I would wear denim cut off shorts with Tshirt and flats, to make the look a little smarter, I would change the shoes to heels and throw on a blazer. My ultimate ‘go to’ for a casual smart look, stylish but not trying too hard. Lol 🙂




The blazer is definitely one of my favourite wardrobe staples I’m always on a look out for different variations of the classic design. This could be in the colour, fabric or special features as demonstrated in my latest purchase. I have about 3 blazers which are very similar in shape and cut but it was the tassels on this classic shape that caught my eye. I love the element of evening wear although this can also be a great piece to wear to a music festival, how? Add a white Tshirt, leather trousers, knee high flat boots or converse trainers and your music festival ready.  In this case, I kept it simple and styled it with very short tailored shorts (shortest shorts I’ve ever owned) men’s shirt, and heels. This is probably my favourite ‘go to’ look..if ever in doubt monochrome it…always.



Blazer - Zara similar Men's Shirt - Zara - I'm wearing an xs, it's still quite big but I love how the cuffs extends to my hand.

The same blazer teamed with a mesh skirt.


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London Fashion Week – AW17

London Fashion Week – AW17


Hey, Fashionistas, so I really didn’t think I would have time to see any of the shows this season due to how busy I’ve been. February started off with a bang and what a wonderful prosperous month it’s been. (more please more.) Lots of commissioned work, the most recent has been designing and making a one-off piece for a dancer on a music video which I intend on blogging as soon as I get the all clear. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in some time and caught a morning show by Toga at the Guildhall Art Gallery and a presentation by Natasha Zinko at the Somerset House. Both collections were very innovative, playful and quirky. Natasha Zinko played around with the 80s style theme so lots of shoulder pads, the ultimate power dressing accompanied with pastel coloured fur coats and polka dot dresses. Toga’s collection was also very playful and creative. The collection was a blend of tailored pieces and embellishment in the form of brooches. Toga put brooches to excellent use, flashing splashes of beads and sparkle on bags, decorated in the hair and on the collage cut and paste pieces. Out of the two shows, Toga was definitely my favourite.



Toga is a Japanese label headed by Yasuo Furuta and before Fashion Week I was not aware of this incredible label. It’s definitely one to see next season. Toga and Natasha Zinko had a similar theme, both had tweed, brooches, pins and fur accessories. However, Toga brought a Paris kind of cool edge to the ‘heritage tweed look’ and created pieces that followed a beat of their own. A rich colour palette of autumn reds and golds mix harmoniously with faded greens and noble greys. A Cut-and-paste to collage effect with ornamental decoration and dramatic cuts, unexpected holes and slits, Toga’s collection kept me on my toes lol. The sparkly brooch explosions brought a sassy and feminine touch ‘softening’ the structured tailored forms.  There was also a heavy emphasis on arms and sleeves gloves or something pretending to be. Lol. This collection really made you rethink exactly what and how a garment works. There were also elevated daywear, this had texture and depth and plenty of nighttime shine. Toga is my new favourite can’t wait for next season. In the meantime, I’m going over to their Instagram account to like all their images and patiently wait for SS18.

Teheheeeeeeeehee 😀

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Natasha Zinko AW17

Ode to the 80's - Ultimate power dressing

Natasha Zinko AW17

Black PVC trousers with a fur cube hand bag

Natasha Zinko AW17

Polka dots and pins

Natasha Zinko AW17

Gorgeous mix of tweed

Toga - @ Guildhall Art Gallery

Yellow Jumpsuit - Asos | Leather Jacket - Zara | Ankle Boots - Zara |

Toga AW17

Embellishment galore!!

Trend Alert - Pastel shade suits

Leather, tweed and scrumptious sparkly bits.

Pastel boxy hand bags with gorgeous brooches.

Trend Alert - Tweed and pastel shades

Cut outs and inserts with thigh high black boots

Japanese floral print jacket

Japanese floral print jacket


One of the many things I hope to post more of are unusual places to find amazing outfits. So basically, in the near future I want to share with you my secret vintage shops; local stores that I go to when I’m bored of the high street, or just simply want an outfit that stands out.

The summer season always gives me an excuse to go bold and bright with prints, but also do the complete opposite with white, minimal and fresh palettes. The bold florals won this time.

The floral trend this season showcases a strong Japanese influence. You have prints or embroidery traditionally found on Kimonos, now decorating either bomber jackets or regular blazers.

When you have a beautiful floral print such as the one I’m wearing in this photo, it’s tempting to play it safe by teaming it up with a plain white or cream blouse. However to make it more interesting I decided to wear it with a Chinese neck collar shirt and a white skirt. I love the combination of blue stripes and florals and this works particularly well because of the blue in the jacket. If you’re going to mix different prints together it’s important that you find a staple colour or a shape that’s similar and unites the two pieces. So in this case my staple colours are blue and white and then the rest can be as bold or as loud as I want. Next time you buy a floral print why not try mixing it up by adding a different print. Give it a try.

Have a look at some of my floral print recommendations.

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I couldn't get over how beautiful this creature was, and he knew it biggest show off. Lol

Ring - Primark | Bangles - H&M |

OMG!! He's watching me, keep still. Lol

Jacket - (old) Zara | similar jacket from Asos Floral Blazer  | Shirt - Primark | Skirt - Vintage | Shoes - Chloe |

My mate Pete (is it weird that i named it?) lol

Pete come back..

Other suggestions

Floral Bomber Jacket – Zara (sale)

Biker Jacket in Painted Floral  – Asos (sale)

Digital Floral print – Asos (sale)

Give ’em the ‘Cold Shoulder’

Give ’em the ‘Cold Shoulder’


Unsure of what to wear for your saturday night out? Just give ’em the cold shoulder. (see what I did there?..lol) Yes shoulders are officially in and showing them off has become very cool. So give the old décolletage a polish and let’s go go go!

From straight up strapless numbers to one-shouldered dresses and cut-out pieces, there are plenty of ways to wear this trend – the choice is endless. It can be found in dresses, and tops, making it versatile and very popular. This fun and flirty addition to your wardrobe is the perfect outfit for summer evening strolls and makes for an effortlessly stylish holiday look.

I recently made a stop at Zara and had  picked up literally 5-6 off the shoulder tops by the time I reached the changing room. Finally settled on this classic white cotton number. I’ve been wearing it with high-waisted trousers and sometimes with jeans, but I think pairing this look with a maxi skirt will give a whole new look.

Think: an island in the Caribbean, a flower in your hair, sipping on coconut juice whilst dancing to some island beats…oouu I was gone there! Lol..

Take look at how I styled the top and check out my other suggestions all from Zara.


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Other 'Cold Shoulder' tops from Zara Lace  Polka Dot Printed 

Top - Zara | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Chloe (old) similar Zara |


Slender Silhouettes – a feature in Nubride

Slender Silhouettes – a feature in Nubride

There are some collaborations that just work, you find the venue by accident, you’re push for time but some how it all comes together like magic… poW!

Last year i teamed up with model Jenny K and Menswear Lifestyle blogger and photographer Edmond Kamara of Cuts For Him, my vision for this shoot was to explore the juxtaposition of raw strength and beauty, colour and texture in nature. Nova at the award wining blog Nubride wrote a wonderful feature of the brand, the different processes in Bespoke / Couture dresses and the inspiration behind the photoshoot.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


Wedding gowns - Rita Colson London | Shoes - Kurt Geiger | Bouquet - Marks and Spencer |
Photos by Cuts For Him

‘A leopard print lover never looses its spots’

‘A leopard print lover never looses its spots’

It’s London Fashion Week (A/W16) and this coat has been my ‘go to coat’ this season, its probably the ‘boldest’ print I’ve ever had in a coat.  I have always been a fan of leopard print but I normally opt for it in accessorises, for example bags, shoes, purse but never in the form of a coat. I randomly came across a quote about leopard print that made me literally laugh out loud, it said ‘As far as I’m concern it’s neutral’ lol.

The fashion industry affectionately refers to it as a timeless classic, leopard print transcends trends and seasons, it adds an element of cool to every look.

Marks and Spencer range Per Una Speziale updated this look into a bold and fierce orange, it was love at first sight and at a reduced sale price, I couldn’t resist.
A great piece for when it’s not quite spring but the sun is out with a chill in the air, the perfect weather for coat and sunglasses.

The silhouette is structured and yet the wool fabric still gives it a cosy feel for those cold yet sunny days.
As someone who is sometimes prone to lazy dressing (skinny jeans and old jumpers) I know I will still feel fabulous whatever I’m wearing underneath..

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Coat - Marks and Spencer | Tweed jacket and skirt - Vintage Portobello Market | Blouse - Whistles | Knee high socks - HandM | Belt - Gap | Shoes - Asos | Hat - Found and Vision |
Photos by Malachi Ajose

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour

Winter coats take centre stage in our seasonal wardrobe, so its essential that we find one that not only looks good but keeps us warm on those long cold winter nights. When I first came across my now favourite yellow coat, it broke all of my usual rules. I normally go for something versatile, warm and snug, and something that can be used as a transitional piece for the next season.

We are often told that pastels and bright colours are meant for the warmer months. So my challenge in buying this coat was to make it as versatile and season appropriate as possible. I was about to find out exactly how to make yellow work in the coldest of seasons.

As you may or may not know I try not to let trends dictate what I wear. However I like to keep my eye on the radar for special trends such as the ‘Sweet and Sour’ trend which was featured in some of the shows this season.

The ’Sweet and Sour trend is a colour clash of pastels and vivid bright colours alongside a masculine cut or a 1960s detailing.  In my opinion Prada, and Christian Dior demonstrated this very well this season so I decided to take some inspiration from this.

In keeping with the look I styled the yellow coat with a baby pink cashmere turtle neck, grey high waisted skinny jeans and a gladiator- esque high heeled shoes, and not forgetting the shades. The colour combinations reminded me of bubble gum and lemons, you can’t get anymore sweet and sour than that.

I paid homage to 1960s styling by making use of the turtle neck and round shaped sunglasses and kept it modern with the use of skinny jeans and the heels.

That’s all for now guys but look out for my next post. I’ll be showing you how accessories can be added to this coat to create a very different look altogether.

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Coat - Zara | Cashmere Polo neck - Brora | Skinny Jeans - All Saints | Shoes - Zara | Sunglasses - Other Stories | Bag - Zara |
Photos by CANO

My favourite ‘Fashion Faux Pas’

My favourite ‘Fashion Faux Pas’

Socks and sandals are having a comeback, however for me, it never really went out of style. I’ve always worn socks with sandals (with high heels of course) for practical reasons, transitioning my favourite pair from summer into autumn winter.

Before writing this post I wanted to see the historical background behind this phenomenon.
The earliest evidence of wearing socks with sandals was by the Romans documented about 2000 years ago in Yorkshire. Lol

Although it was the Romans that first introduced the idea it’s, in fact, the Germans that have held the torch for the trend followed by the English.

It is by far my favourite ‘Fashion Faux Pas’, it always makes me laugh the extreme reactions it causes. You either love it or hate it, a bit like marmite. Lol

I want to hear from you. Socks with Sandals Yay or Nay…

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Catwalk show @StylistLive 2015

Catwalk show @StylistLive 2015

Pop socks - H&M | Shoes - Chloe | Sandals - Zara |
Photos by Cuts For Him

Fur – ‘Faux’ it or against it

Fur – ‘Faux it or against it’

Whether you’re ‘faux’ it or against it, fur always makes a bold fashion statement. With the rapid change in weather, there’s nothing like a bit of fur to update your look and get you warm and cozy for the cold weather ahead.

What’s that one piece of clothing that’s going to take you through the autumn into winter? What item will enable you to smoothly merge your current wardrobe with the cold season ahead? Which item can you dress up or down without it becoming repetitive? If you have not considered it as an option before, it’s about time you invest in a fur stole/bolero. I think this is undoubtedly the new investment piece of the season. I promise you won’t regret it.

The piece I’m wearing here is a 1930’s (real) fur bolero, a timeless piece that has seen me through many winters. It’s also a great throw on piece for formal or casual wear.

On this occasion, I’m wearing it with my trusted H&M double-breasted navy jacket with skinny jeans, for a dressed down casual look.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t ditch that practical boring winter coat just yet. Why not simply add a bit of glam and accessorize with a faux fur/vintage stole.

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Fur Bolero - Portobello Market | Jacket - Gap | Photos by Mista skee

Vintage Scarf, Kitty Hat, and a Fedora

Vintage Scarf, Kitty Hat, and a Fedora

One of the many things I look forward to during the winter seasons is wearing hats and scarves for those cold early mornings and bad hair days. A stylish headscarf or hat can make all the difference to an outfit. It can make you wish the cold weather would last a little longer. Ok, I’m exaggerating, well it makes it bearable that’s for sure.

Whether you favour a beanie hat, kitty hat, beret, headscarf or a fedora there’s no denying that the hat can make a persuasive or regrettable impression so it’s important to get it right. Though the hat or scarf covers the head it reveals the wearer’s character based on the type of hat they’re wearing.

When it comes to my favourite style it would have to be men’s fedora hat. I prefer the men’s because of the clean lines and often the use of colour blocking.

Try these on for size, how do you style yours?

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Fedora Hat - Menswear H&M | Kitty Hat - Zara | Vintage Scarf - Portobello Market | Necklace - Portobello Market |
Photos by Cuts For Him