Maxi Skirt – ‘Boho’ chic no more

Maxi Skirt – ‘Boho’ chic no more.


Maxi skirts are worn all year round but they’re most popular during the summer months alongside its counterpart the maxi dress. However, in today’s post let’s focus on the skirt. Whenever the maxi skirt is mentioned it’s always followed by the trend ‘boho’. Now there’s nothing wrong with putting the bohemian look in the same style category as the maxi skirt, but that’s not the only look the maxi skirt can be styled with. Unless you’re heavily into the 70’s, hippie, flower power, fringed waistcoats, suede jackets and cowboy boots look, you should really keep the word ‘boho’ out of your style vocabulary when styling a maxi skirt.


Maxi Skirt


Maxi skirts have forever been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. In actual fact, I bought this stripy number especially to wear as a dress and then later on decided to wear it the right way. As a dress, this look works particularly well too with a belt in the middle or with a lovely suit jacket on top.


When styling this stripey maxi skirt, my focus was to make it elegant and stylish. I have always loved playing with ‘shape’ so if it’s a maxi skirt, then it has to be super maxi for my small frame. So I’m normally a size 6 but I bought this skirt in a size 16. I wanted the volume of the skirt to be exaggerated. This was teamed with a white ballooned sleeved shirt, Chloe shoes and Chanel bag. In order to keep you in proportion, make sure the top is shaped to accentuate the waist and it’s worn with heels.




Update your maxi skirt leave the boho chic in the 90s and embrace a new modern look. Maybe try the skirt as a dress or update with a fitted shirt. Let me know how you got on.


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The Art of the Flower Guy

The Art of the Flower Guy


As a creative, I am always on the lookout for inspiration. Forever searching for something different something new. I came across Devin Tracy’s work on Instagram it caught my eye immediately. His work reminded me of a Jan Van Huysum still life, and I loved the use of photomontage and digital art, something so simple yet very striking. However seasoned graphic designers are probably reading this and rolling their eyes as you can argue by saying it’s just good photo editing skills and nothing more. Nevertheless, I was interested in the story behind these images because not only is Devin Tracy a self-taught graphic designer but he is known first as a thriving Singer Songwriter. What I really wanted to know was how did the two come together and why flowers?  Here’s what I found out.


1) Which one came first the music or the art?

The music came first, I started singing as a toddler didn’t start writing my own lyrics until I was in middle school. But I was always into art as a child. I use to draw all the time my material would get posted all over school but loved to sing so I guess you would say they came together.


1) What made you start creating art?

Well, I see everything I do as art not only when I’m drawing. For me I consider the clothes I wear, the way I speak, my hair style as a form of art the prescription glasses ha ..even the colours I wear on my feet. (Shoes of course) So I guess I’ve always created art it’s just that I am more aware of it now.


3) What message are you conveying in your artwork?

Art is everywhere in and on people, well that’s how I see it. I’m a singer/songwriter first, so I see colours in everything and in everybody It helps with the music I create as well as the art that you see on my social media. I want to let people know that it’s ok to be different as well.


4) Why flowers?

In these portraits, I add flowers because for one I love flowers and I wanted to showcase everyone’s beauty. I wanted to highlight what’s already there if that makes sense.


5) What’s the connection between your art and your music?

I’m all about colour when you hear my music or hear me sing live, you can tell I like to colour. I usually colour with a paint brush..metaphorically speaking. I’ve been told by friends/family that my music and my art are very vibrant. Even the dark songs have a few bright colours. It’s like smiling while you’re crying. My Good afternoon EP I created the album cover for that. ( I was thinking about fall and spring colliding. The EP is about finally getting over someone you were in love with, but you fell in love with this person at the last minute so it’s the residuals if that makes sense. The “fall” was me getting over. The “Springtime” was me falling in love but it was too late. People go through that but are afraid to tell that story that I did through my music.


Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Photo by Ugo Mozie | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Jan Van Hysum - Photo via Pinterest

Photo by Charles Mitchell | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Photo by Justin French | Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey

Digital Flowers by Devin Tracey


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The Charlotte Mensah – Manketti oil

The Charlotte Mensah – Manketti oil

Today’s post is all about my favourite new hair product. If you’ve been following the blog then you would notice that I don’t do many posts on beauty. The main reason behind that is I’m very fussy about the products I use on my hair and skin. I tend to stick to the very basic, so up until now, my daily hair regime had been a Coconut and Shea butter mix, water, and black Castor oil until I discovered Manketti oil. Now when I first heard of this oil, I thought ‘here we go a new ‘super oil’ but aaaaaah is it new?

What is Manketti oil?

While it may be ‘new’ to the hair community when compared to Coconut oil or Argan oil in terms of its use in modern hair products, It’s an ancient oil that has been used for generations in other parts of the world.

“Manketti oil has been used in Africa for centuries and is one of the richest, most hydrating ingredients that nature has to offer,” says two-time Afro hairdresser of the year Charlotte Mensah. “It’s sourced from Manketti nuts (also known as mongongo fruit, mongongo nut or nongongo) which are egg-shaped, velvety fruits that grow on mongongo trees in northern Namibia. They are a staple diet in some areas, most notably among the San Bushmen of northern Botswana and Namibia. Archaeological evidence has shown that they have been consumed by the San communities for over 7,000 years.” And it’s no wonder that they’ve stood the test of time thanks to their cocktail of health-boosting ingredients. “Manketti is loaded with vitamin E (around 563mg per 100g of shelled nuts) and a plethora of nutrients including calcium, magnesium, protein, zinc, and copper.” This is all good but is it better than coconut oil? As a devout believer in coconut oil, I was still not convinced until I tried it for myself.


Could it be better than Coconut oil?

I found it was like an upgrade to Coconut oil, it offered many of the same multi- tasking benefits, and some added extra to make it stand out as a 'super oil' in it's own right. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fatty acids and when applied to hair it can drip all over your shoulders and is super runny which can leave the hair limp, however Manketti oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and this act as a barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping from the hair for longer. It hydrated my hair and to my surprise without the greasy finish. When it comes to application I found a little goes a long way, It's also versatile in the types of hair it can be used on. It especially works wonders on dry damaged hair and comes as a collection comprising of the Manketti Oil Shampoo, £22, Manketti Oil Conditioner, £22 and then the Manketti Hair Oil, £42.

Manketti Oil Conditioner £22

“The conditioner is also light enough to wear as a leave-in conditioner,” says Charlotte. “Simply squeeze a small amount in your palms, emulsify with water and then apply. If your hair is damaged due to the cold weather, over exposure to the sun or from swimming in chlorinated water, this is an ideal remedy as it will slowly help to repair the hair by replenishing lost moisture.” It also works great for twist-outs when emulsified (just by mixing a 50p size amount with a glass of water) in a spray bottle to provide a helping hand in terms of hydration and can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment too when used with steam. In addition to all of this the range has a delicious distinctive, elegant aroma of chilli and coconut milk which I absolutely love, love, love.

The Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Collection

Manketti Oil Shampoo, £22,

Truly a magnificent range and one I’m very very proud of as Charlotte Mensah is a very good friend of mine and I remember when she had the idea of creating her own range and the journey it took. (6 years in the making.) Visit her site and get your bottle and check out the amazing contribution she’s made to the hair industry so far.


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Blogosphere Tea Party @ Aubaine

Blogosphere Tea Party

What better way to spend a sunday afternoon than eating scrumptious cakes, delicious macaroons, tea and champagne in the mix whilst in conversation with like minded people. My only complaint was the time flew by very quickly. This was the fabulous tea party hosted by Blogosphere magazine at the Aubaine.

I came across Blogosphere magazine on twitter, I’m very new to the blogging life so I’m constantly on the look out for events, chats, anything that can answer some of the questions that i have and Blogosphere magazine caters for exactly that.

Its a magazine written by bloggers for the blogging and social media community. The magazine is split into six main sections beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and photography. Each section is edited by an influential blogger, and apart from the staple sections, it also contains exclusive features, reviews, and interviews from a range of bloggers. In fact nearly all the bloggers I spoke to said how much of a difference it would’ve made if Blogosphere magazine was around when they each started to blog.

I was able to speak briefly with the editor in chief Alice Audley about how the ‘social’ aspect of blogging can easily be abandoned. I also expressed how intimidating it can be for a new kid on the block and why I’m so thrilled that a magazine like this exists. I was also able to put down a few suggestions on how the magazine can be improved, which were all welcomed.

I had such a great time at the event I absolutely love the concept of the magazine and I can see myself  ditching some of the major publications that I normally read. It was wonderful to meet the team looking forward to issue 9.

*Look out for it at major WhSmith stores*




Blogosphere Tea Party

Earrings - H&M | Photo - Isabella T Robb |