Wardrobe Staples – The Blazer

Wardrobe Staples – The Blazer


I was having a discussion with a friend and she asked me how I manage to always look so well put together? I told her I had a few rules, first of all, I buy most of my clothes when they’re on sale. I don’t really follow trends, I stick to what suits me and most of all I only buy what I love. I have also come to understand wardrobe staples, wardrobe staples?? I hear you ask, wardrobe staples are items of clothing you wear on rotation. The fact is your wardrobe staples never change, they’re the basic items that everyone looks good in and it stays consistent year after year. This discussion got me thinking, to start a series featuring my wardrobe staples showing the importance of creating a wardrobe staple that sees you through all seasons.


The Blazer

The first wardrobe staple I want to feature is the blazer. A good blazer will see you through out the whole year, depending on the fabric of course. So what equates to a good blazer? The most important thing to look for in a blazer is the shape and the fit, you need to make sure the blazer suits your shape and fits you well. A blazer is not only for the office it can be worn with denim, shorts, skirts, and dresses. The purpose of a blazer in my wardrobe is to bring the outfit together. So, for example, I would wear denim cut off shorts with Tshirt and flats, to make the look a little smarter, I would change the shoes to heels and throw on a blazer. My ultimate ‘go to’ for a casual smart look, stylish but not trying too hard. Lol 🙂




The blazer is definitely one of my favourite wardrobe staples I’m always on a look out for different variations of the classic design. This could be in the colour, fabric or special features as demonstrated in my latest purchase. I have about 3 blazers which are very similar in shape and cut but it was the tassels on this classic shape that caught my eye. I love the element of evening wear although this can also be a great piece to wear to a music festival, how? Add a white Tshirt, leather trousers, knee high flat boots or converse trainers and your music festival ready.  In this case, I kept it simple and styled it with very short tailored shorts (shortest shorts I’ve ever owned) men’s shirt, and heels. This is probably my favourite ‘go to’ look..if ever in doubt monochrome it…always.



Blazer - Zara similar Men's Shirt - Zara - I'm wearing an xs, it's still quite big but I love how the cuffs extends to my hand.

The same blazer teamed with a mesh skirt.


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Mens Shirt x ASOS One Shoulder Crop Top

Mens Shirt x ASOS One Shoulder Crop Top


Summer has finally hit London Town, with the weather hitting 33 degrees we don’t know what to do with ourselves. You can hear the conversations on the trains and buses right now ‘Oou it’s hot innit?’ It always fascinates me how the weather seems to break down barriers, you can strike up a conversation with anyone about the weather in London and they’ll be right there complaining about it with you. It’s British thing!! Lol

There’s nothing that says summer than a lovely white cotton shirt. In my last post, I showed you how I styled my Ballooned Sleeved Shirt, in today’s post I want to share my love for men’s shirts.  As far as I’m concerned every woman needs a couple of men’s shirts in their wardrobe. They are the ultimate basics, you can wear it as a dress with a belt, wrap it around you as a top, wear it around your waist as a skirt, the styling possibilities are endless. (‘hmmm possible blog post me thinks’) It’s definitely one of my staples for the summer and I’m loving the eclectic mix available.

The versatility of men’s shirt knows no limit because it’s a basic staple I decided to style it with this one shoulder denim crop top I picked up from ASOS, this gave it a tomboy, layered look. The ASOS crop top reminded me of a fitted waistcoat or a little corset, either way, it did the trick. Now we all know when you live in a city like London with its unpredictable weather it’s important you master the layered look so you have the option of not using a jacket. The shirt and ASOS crop top were teamed up with a wide leg black trousers and a patent black and white brogues. I would normally style this look with heels however I wanted a relaxed, preppy, classic styled look. Without heels, it can look slightly oversize but I quite liked it that way.

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The Tux

The Tux


Women’s tailoring is having a bit of a revival, although I’m not sure if it’s ever been a trend taken seriously until now. In the past when I would see celebrities wear the tux it was always a little exaggerated and quite masculine almost fancy dress and not seen as a serious fashion statement.

However, in recent years celebrities such as Angelina Jolie,  Cate Blanchet, and more recent Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing black tie, or suit trousers at important celebrity events.

One fascinating of this look is the extent to which it’s taking hold in places where women have traditionally worn evening gowns. – like at the British Fashion Awards last year when Victoria Beckham wore her (now famous) tuxedo alongside her husband.  Just when we thought the sexes had ironed out all the major differences between their sartorial options (i.e. women being able to wear trousers, men being able to wear makeup, ) a trend like this proves that there’s always room to disrupt social expectations. After all, when you think about a big fashion event like the Met Gala in New York or the British Fashion Awards, all the traditional differences between male and female dress are still very much in place: women always wear gowns and men nearly always wear tuxedos. But perhaps all this is about to change if women’s tailoring continues to make its way into haute couture.

You might feel your opportunities to wear a beautiful ball gown are limited so why not try this look for that wedding that’s coming up or the countless of Christmas and New year’s parties you’ll be invited to this year. Switch it up a little and opt for the androgynous elegance, effortless chic that a Tux adds to the wardrobe. In the meantime take a look at my styling efforts and how I made the Tux work on me.



The key to this trend is to add a feminine touch, swap the shirt and bow tie with a blouse, the shoes with some killer heels and go minimum with the jewellery.

Alternate from day to evening by changing the blouse

The blouse featured is not silk, however I would consider wearing silk or an embellished blouse as an alternative with this tux. Anything silky or embellished always works well for an evening party.

For a Modern Classic look

Swap the blouse for a plain t-shirt, the trousers for high waist jeans and the heels for a Stan Smith or Converse trainers.

The Tux

Tuxedo Jacket - RITA COLSON LONDON  | Blouse -H&M | Shoes - NINE WEST (Old) similar ZARA | Trousers - H&M | Bag - CHANEL | SIMILAR TO CHANEL | Bracelet - Oxfam Ledbury Road |

The Little Black Jacket

I love this book definitely one to add to the collection. | Book - AMAZON


Here are some examples I’ve picked out from the high street.


1) ASOS – Off-Shoulder Satin Blazer

2) LK Bennet – Shay Black Evening Jacket

3) Miss Guided – Tuxedo Style Long Sleeve Playsuit

4) House Of Frazer – Ted Baker Leotaa Double Breasted Tux


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A Simple White Dress

A Simple White Dress


The end of summer is fast approaching I have never felt the urgency in typing a post as I have with this one. Now before you start bringing out the cardies, and scarves wait just a minute as I think there might be a little more sun left for the next 2 weeks. There are a few things I appreciate in a summer wardrobe, here are the following I will miss:

– The Perfect denim cut – off shorts. Preferably a boyfriend style denim short.

– Sandals that you can walk everywhere in/go with everything. I love this Zara pair, very minimal and simple goes with everything.

– A basket bag. – I have a very basic one I was given as a present from Ghana, however, I have my eyes on a fabulous basket bag by a Ghana-based label called AAKS which is sold at Urban Outfitters.

– A white peasant cotton top

– Simple white dress the namesake of this blog post and what my eyes, style and yes even heart are drawn to each summer. Each summer I begin an annual search for the little white dress. In previous years this search has come up strangely fruitless, yet this year there appears to be an abundance of affordable, cute little white dress styles available. This particular wrap around version served me well in Rome. It’s from my bridal line however it isn’t a wedding dress.  I wore it in the day sightseeing with my Zara sandals and in the evening to dinner with some heels. The beauty of a simple white dress is that it is an outfit in itself. White looks clean and crisp against the skin and because it is cotton mixed with Lycra it cools you down in the heat.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite simple white dresses on the high street below, however, if you’re looking for something more like what I’m wearing in these photos then look no further and contact Rita Colson London


Dress - Rita Colson London

Shoes - Zara


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Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain

Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain


HelloO beautiful people! Its been awhile, almost 10 days since I last posted. How are you all doing? I’ve been very busy in the studio cooking up some special projects just for you – all will be revealed in due time!

Recently I was interviewed by a group of fashion students who asked me where I get my inspiration from. To be honest, I have often heard other people respond to that question and their answers are always very specific and profound. So when I got asked this question I really thought very hard and tried to give an answer that i felt was ‘deep’ – but nothing specific was coming out. The truth is, I get my inspiration from everywhere and anywhere; in fact upon answering this question I realised that I never switch off my creative antennae  (Hmmmm interesting, this statement would make a great part 2 to this post) especially when I’m starting a new design project, which is what I am presently doing.

I spent an afternoon at the Tate Britain. The idea was to go and see the work of Henry Moore’s semi abstract bronze sculptures. He is one of my favourite sculptors, and I often refer back to his work when I feel an idea is not working. I have to point out that I’ve been to the Tate Britain many times but this time was different, because I only managed to get as far as the stairs. Now if you’ve ever been to Tate Britain you would know the ‘stairs’ I’m referring to and if you haven’t allow me the pleasure of trying to describe to you my latest obsession.

The fairest of all staircases

Spiralling up from the cafe and restaurant on the lower level, to the main entrance, is a slick marble staircase beneath the dramatic domed rotunda. This masterpiece came about through the remodelling of the gallery 3 years ago. With its art deco scallop pattern recalling the Tate’s original marble mosaic floor, walking down it felt like a glamorous sweep into the 1930s. All that I was missing was a fabulous 1930s gown, some music and a glass of sherry in one hand with a fur stole across my shoulders. This could be the set of Poirot, a murder mystery party scene I would be the the glamorous host and and..ok too much back to 2016. Nevertheless the i spent the majority of my time at the Tate walking up and down the staircase, begging my friend to take yet another picture of me and promising it was the last. I eventually pulled myself away when my friend refused to continue to take part in the impromptu photoshoot. I would’ve happily  spent the whole time there, however it started to look a little strange when I realised the staff had spotted me and people were now hesitant to walk up the stairs. Lol.. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you think it was worth all the hassle.

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Hahahahaha look at that grin...that was my fourth or fifth time walking up and down the staircase. Lol.



‘All White?’

‘All White?’

As many of you may know I’m a bridal designer so to say that I love white, cream tones would be an understatement. I loOove whites and cream tones especially in the warmer weather it’s fresh, clean and sits well with other colours. Now with the warmer weather approaching, and the wedding season upon us i thought I should do a post on wearing white.

Ok so pulling off a white on white outfit can be quite tricky but being one of the hottest trends for this summer (in fact for most summers) I just had to bring myself to doing a number. The problem with trying to get a hit rather than a miss in an all white outfit is the fear of ending up with any if not all of these three dreadful outcomes; looking like a bride at someone’s wedding yikes, exposing unflattering features or generally just looking way overdressed for wherever it is you’re attending.

For that perfect all white look, we are talking shades, shapes, textures, layers, proportions and the right accessories. Today I have paired a blouse I bought from a charity shop, yes it’s a blouse and not a dress but i’m wearing it as a dress lol.. Its actually a size 18 and on my 5.1 petite frame it comes up as a dress. I love playing with proportions in my dressing. I never really pay much attention to sizes when buying clothes i am always drawn to outfits that can be worn multiple ways or has a defined shape. I have teamed up this blouse dress with a cape jacket from Zara.  The textures in this outfit is quite subtle, I love the slightly transparent (chiffon) dress next to the matt texture of the cape jacket and the cream tones of the shoes and bag.

In the end, it might actually not be all that hard after all trying to work out an all white look. Just pay a little more attention to details than you would with other tones and you might well end up with that pristine look you never thought you could create.


Here are some more guides..

Confidence – First tip to wearing an all white outfit is to have confidence, put aside all the silly rules on when and where you should wear whites, just have fun and experiment.

Texture – Stop your all white outfit looking flat by experimenting with textures. So chiffons against cotton, shiny and matt fabrics. By playing with texture you would add another dimension to your overall look.

Layering – Layering your white clothes will help add depth to your overall look. So for example a cropped jacket over a longline tank and skirt or maybe a long coat over a top and jeans. Being thoughtful with layers and balance is also another way of making the look interesting.

Accessories – You can easily change the feel of your all white outfit just by switching up your accessories.
Glam it up with metallic jewellery and clutches, or dress it down with bright baubles and patterned accessories.
If you want to achieve an entirely monochrome look but don’t have white shoes or bags handy, try neutral accessories that ‘blend in’ as demonstrated above.


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