Adele Dejak at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery

Adele Dejak at the Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery

I had the pleasure of being invited to view the work of African Luxury Jewellery designer Adele Dejak at the Sulger Buel Lovell Gallery. The gallery specialises in contemporary African art and has played host to a number of contemporary artists. Looking at Adele Dejak’s jewellery it wasn’t a surprise that she would choose a space such as this one to showcase her work.

Bold, beautiful, statement pieces, each design is like a sculpture in itself, a work of art not to be compared with another. African luxury at its best, this designer is a true artisan exploring the rich, elegant, bold heritage of Africa with no Ankara print in sight.

As a designer and lecturer myself, I had been growing tired of seeing the rise of African design and influence being reduced to just prints. Although prints specifically Ankara prints are a big part of our aesthetic it’s not the only thing that defines the continent, just ask Picasso, Matthew Williamson, Malene Birger and many contemporary artists and designers who continue to draw inspiration from the beautiful continent.

The Nigerian-born designer sources her materials from all over Africa, from brass to leather to Ankole cow horn. The Ankole cow is a by-product of the beef industry in Uganda. It is found exclusively in Uganda and its highly versatile and comes in a range of natural colours, varying from ivory to brown. The brand is at the forefront of ethical and sustainable design. The brand is built on Adele’s commitment to rebrand Africa as she continues to design beautiful, high-end jewellery and interior bespoke home products that define authentic luxury.

I have become a huge fan of her work and need some of her pieces in my wardrobe asap. It is a definite must buy for the Autumn/Winter season. Check out the shop on her website and get your fix. (Adele Dejak)


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Photography by Mister Benson

Midi Skirts for Petites

Midi Skirts for Petites


The Midi skirt is everywhere at the moment and it’s in a variety of shapes and forms; tubes, a- lines, low hems, peplums, full volumes, in knits, tulles, woven, neoprene and leathers. The styles and styling options are endless, between the contemporary, romantic, vintage, high-low and everyday looks.

Midi skirts are one of the many styling options shorter women are constantly told to avoid. But honestly, rules are made to be broken, especially a rule as dated as this one. A full skirt like the one I’m wearing in this picture would traditionally overwhelm a diminutive figure like mine. Instead, I worked with the silhouette to my advantage and delivered a polished ‘effortless’ look.

On that note here are my favourite midis, from tea-length skirts to sexy slit silhouettes, that work for petite frames. (click on the links)

– Go for an A-Line – This should definitely be a go to for all Petites! The mesh-like fabric is longer than the lining which gives the illusion of longer legs. Remember to choose a higher waist to create even longer legs!!!!  At £25.00 you can’t go wrong.

– Wrap it up – It’s always best to have fabric cling on to you and wrap midi skirt naturally shapes your figure in all the right places without letting anything drag. I love the colour on this one gorgeous!!

– Sexy slit – If you got it, flaunt it but not too much there’s a thin line between classy and trashy when it comes to slits. Lol. Elongate your legs with high and low slits. Remember to keep it CLASSY!! x

– The Classic Pencil Skirt – Always a flattering option that shows off your curves. Invest in a black staple piece, but switch things up with pastel hues, leather or sheer fabrics. Zara has a couple of leather Pencil Skirts this season check it out. If you’re going to do leather pencil skirt remember to break it up a little. Do not wear a leather skirt, with leather knee high boots and leather jacket, unless if you’re going for the Matrix look! Eeeeeeeek!


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Skirt - Zara | Blouse - Next | Bangles - H&M |

An old season Chloe shoes

#IWD – Introducing Teneisha Bonner

#IWD – Introducing Teneisha Bonner

Today is Women’s Day, and in light of this I want to celebrate and introduce to you a ‘phenomenal woman’ who is also a very good friend of mine Miss Teneisha Bonner. An amazing woman of faith, dancer, west end star, model and actress. Wow what a woman!!! I am very proud to call her my sister in Christ. She’s probably cringing right now lol.

Teneisha is one of the most talented dancers within the dance industry. She has been performing in the industry for 16 years and still has a strong dance career ahead of her. In such a competitive and gruelling industry professional dancers can only dream to have a career that has lasted this long.

Teneisha has been blessed to perform with stars such as Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and Take That just to name a few. You might recognise her also from her film debut as the support lead in the original StreetDance 3D movie. In recent years you’re more likely to see her on West End in ZooNation’s Some Like It Hip Hop,  Into the Hoods,  Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and also as a constant inspiration and face of the Rita Colson fashion label. *giggles* *teheheheheheee*

Above all her accomplishments Teneisha remains humble and grounded to which she attributes to her faith in Christ.  I first came in contact with Teneisha when we worked together on a project for our mutual friend classical music composer Fabio D’Andrea. An exciting project that brought the world of classical music, Contemporary and lyrical Hip Hop influences, bizarre? Not quite, to complete the fusion Teneisha was styled by yours truly in Rita Colson pieces. The results as a designer is what I go back to time and time again for inspiration. Teneisha elegantly and effortlessly glides in movement to the music. I have never seen my dresses look so beautiful and regal.

One youtuber says and I quote ‘ her arms and her beauty have created a whole new genre, a whole new art form, cutting edge stuff..’

Wow!! Lol her arms just ze arms has created a whole new ‘genre’ rotfl….

Indeed Teneisha’s talents goes far beyond dancing I cannot wait to see what this lady will do next. Watch this space.

‘Happy Women’s Day’ please take this time to celebrate all the wonderful women in your lives.

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Dress - Rita Colson | Music - Fabio D'Andrea | Make up - Michelle Court | Filming by Rahul De'Cruz | *All outfits featured in the video are Rita Colson

Music by - Fabio D'Andrea | *All outfits featured - Rita Colson |