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It’s been a while since my last post, looking back it seemed we transitioned from summer straight into winter with no in betweens. It happened too quickly.

Every year I go through the same ritual of trying to hold on to that little bit of sun in the sky. Yes, I’m the girl on the tube wearing sandals in the middle of October trying to convince myself it’s still summer. But once the leaves start to turn from green to auburn, golden paprika and burnt oranges, once I find my favourite scarf again, my odd pair of warm socks and my go to products I think to myself ‘this isn’t so bad’?

I’m not one to change products so when I find something that works I stick to it. For years my daily hair moisturiser has been shea butter and I wasn’t looking to replace it however this seasonal change has left my hair very dry and in need for more moisture.



I came across the Bouclème curl cream and it was the use of natural ingredients that first caught my eye. Ingredients like the kukui nut oil, rich coconut fruit extract plus super conditioning oils such as castor leaves the hair thoroughly nourished and moisturised. It minimises frizz, creating a soft hold for my twists. It has fast become my favourite seasonal transition hair moisturiser and a part of my daily styling regime.


My daily routine:

  1. I apply shea butter to the scalp of my dry hair and then I section my hair and apply the curl cream to the body and the ends of my hair.
  2. I rub my palms together to spread the cream and work it through my hair. I spend time massaging it throughout my hair and then style it by sectioning it and doing big twists.
  3. During wash days I shampoo and condition my hair, then I dry it using the curl towel. I apply the curl cream to my semi dry hair then I twist it and continue to dry it further by adding heat. When my hair is completely dried I untwist my hair, brush it out and style.



I have 4c type hair which is the driest of all the curly hair types so my hair tends to soak up the moisture very quickly which with other products this causes a lot of ‘build up’ this is not the case with Boucleme’s curl cream. It makes my hair smell delicious, more manageable making it easier to style.

Here’s another one of their product I would highly recommend:

Intensive Moisture Treatment

Revive 5 Hair Oil

Take a visit to their instagram page and blog and get some more tips on their products.


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Hair Story – Bouclème

Hair Story – Bouclème


This post is a bit of a #throwback #flashback, in other words it should’ve been posted a lOng time ago any hoo… This summer a hair company called Bouclème  approached me about being part of a campaign promoting a new product they were launching later in the year. So who are Boucleme? (Boo – Clem) Let me give you a little background.

Bouclème is a hair brand that specialises in curly hair. It was created out of the desire of having an all natural ingredients, that doesn’t weigh the hair down, and its free from sulphate and silicone. The Boucleme brand cares passionately about curly hair and the planet we inhabit. They believe in sustainability and farmers being paid fairly. They use fair-trade ingredients wherever possible. The ingredients are biodegradable making Boucleme safe for the environment and also safe for the body. All their packaging are also recyclable.

If you know much about afro hair you would know that it needs moisture, and due to the cold weather and day to day styling its especially difficult to keep it hydrated. I discovered the Boucleme intensive moisture mask which retains moisture and I use this mask every 2 – 4 weeks. This is perfect for when you’ve just taken your hair out of braids and it needs some intensive treatment. This is my go to treatment, my 4c hair texture loves it.

My story so far...

Everyone has a hair story, here’s a little snippet of my hair journey into having my hair natural.

Thank you for stopping by. Are you thinking of going natural? What’s your hair story so far?

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An Evening of Beauty with Farfetch at the London Make up School

An Evening of Beauty with Farfetch at the London Make up School

Farfetch has already secured itself as an established high end fashion and accessories online boutique, so it wasn’t a surprise when earlier this year they launched a beauty section on their site introducing luxury brands such as Chantecaille, Eve Lom, and By Terry from SpaceNK. I was very pleased to be invited to an evening of make up, food and mingling with other beauty bloggers. For their years of experience in high end fashion Farfetch were more than equipped to talk us through the connection between catwalk trends and make up. In comparison also recognised for its progressive, cutting edge training methods the London MakeUp School is the place to learn and gain understanding of latest trends and techniques.


Best Beauty Looks for SS16

There are four key looks that have emerged from the catwalks this season: Bold Blush, Au Naturale and Loud Lips. These looks were all recreated by one of the tutors from The London MakeUp School on two different models. My favourite in the four were the Au Naturale or in other words ‘ I woke up like this’,  this look was dewy, fresh ‘glowing’ skin. In all four looks the emphasis on preparing the skin was highlighted. Cleansing and moisturising the skin was key as that determined how well the finished look would be achieved. As you know trends come and go but great skin never goes out of style.


Here are the examples Farfetch put together as the key beauty looks for SS16

How to get the look - Au Naturale

Reaching for the highlighting concealers, brightening primers and soft blushers to pull off a similarly immaculate look. Eve Lom Flawless Primer  with SPF 30 will illuminate your complexion while By Terry's  concealer will give natural radiance to your skin's contours.

Au Naturale ( 'I woke up like this' ) This look was a 'no make up' make up look taken from Chloe, which to create used a number of different products. - Eve Lom Flawless Primer  | By Terry's 

How to get the look - Eccentric Eye Art

Escape to faraway climes with similar styles by painting on peachy powders from By Terry  | choose earthy tones from Becca  to capture an organic and rustic look that imitates Papua New Guinean jungle tribes.

Eccentric Eye Art - This eye look is taken from the Chanel catwalk, the actual look was almost connected over the nose but the make up artist made it more wearable. 'we're not going for the mono brow look' Lol By Terry  | Becca 

Chanel beauty look SS16 - Eccentric Eye Art

How to get the look - Bold Blush

Select Becca  brilliant Beach Tint in succulent Guava shades to add a delectable definition to your cheekbones that will work perfectly for the beach beach beauty look, or pick up Kevyn Auction's Tropical Nights Bronzer for a sublimely sun-drenched glow.

How to get the look - Loud Lips

For a similarly star- studded style, reach for The Metals range of lipsticks at Space NK, or head for luscious coral and sweet papaya hues from The Lipstick Queen Jungle if you prefer Mui Mui's more sub-tropic flavour

Polka dots and stripes fabulous x

Giggles with @mamastylista. Look at my expression, top left. 'I wasn't readyyyyyyyyyy' Tehehehehheheeeeee x

I had a wonderful time at the event I loved how Farfetch creatively linked their knowledge and love of high fashion with their new found place in the luxury beauty world I cannot wait for their next event. In the meantime follow the links on the products shown and check out the site.

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