Stylish ways to wear oversized outfits

Stylish ways to wear oversized outfits


One of my favourite things to wear in spring/summer are white cotton shirts, and looser fitting or oversized clothing. I love playing around with proportions and experimenting with structure and shape. Playing around with structure and shape makes an outfit look unique because what you’re doing is reinventing the item to fit your body shape.
This white shirt I’m wearing I’ve had for about 4 years and it’s one of my favourite items in my spring/summer wardrobe. I believe in buying items of clothing that transcends fashion trends, style pieces that you love. Trends are fun and for the moment, however style is more like art pieces and do get better with time.

This shirt is all about the sleeves, and although they had my size (xs) I decided to go for a much larger fitting (L) as I wanted to create even more drama by having the sleeves bigger. I teamed the top with wide leg trousers. I could’ve easily opted for a safer option like skinny jeans which would work nicely however my aim was to experiment with the proportions and have it fitting loose on me.

Now I understand that not everyone would feel comfortable to go oversize on top and bottom. So for an alternative look for different body shapes such as, hourglass, pear, and athletic its always good to cinch in the waist and add high heels to longate yourself. Here are some more tips.


Fit the rest – Remember its all about balancing out proportions. Generally, the baggier the top the more fitted the rest of your outfit should be. (this works for hourglass, pear, athletic and apple) Skinny jeans and leggings are great casual pairings, while a fitted skirt or straight leg trousers are dressier options.


Short hemlines –  Balanced out oversized tops by teaming them with short skirts or mini skirts. A shorter hemline will hopefully offset the volume on the top. Also avoid any potentially awkward question of ‘is she or isn’t she wearing a skirt’ moments by making sure you can see the hemline of your skirt or shorts underneath your oversize top.


Cinch it in – Give a baggy top some shape by cinching it in at the waist. Pick a wider or sturdier style belt, rather than a skinny style. When it comes to ways to wear oversized tops this way, keep the rest of your look streamlined with some skinny jeans and heels.


Try different textures – Try mixing fabrics such as chiffon and silk as its very light and looks airy and ethereal.


Add height – if ever in doubt wear heels to lengthen your silhouette.


Lower it – When looking at ways to wear oversized clothes, a lot of focus has been on oversized tops. However you can also get away with wearing the oversized style on your lower half. Oversized trousers in the style of wide legged trousers, (as demonstrated in the pictures.) palazzo trousers and boyfriend jeans are all stylish options this season.


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Scarf - H&M | Shirt - Gap (old) | Trousers - H&M |
  • Maria A

    Love this look! ???? I must say I don’t think I’ve worn oversized top and bottom at the same time (not that I can remember anyway!!!) but it really works well and with.heels too ???? Definitely a style I’ll be trying very soon xx

  • colsonstyletheory

    oh i’m glad Maria, would love to see how you style yours. The most important thing with this look is understanding your own proportions and playing with it. Let me know how you get on

  • I’m not sure I could pull off oversized outfits.

    1 – because I’m already oversize hahahah

    2 – I have breasts to share (showing big chest is much better than showing big stomach hahahah)

    3 – my mother wouldn’t like it (I doubt and never has in the past either)

    4 – someone complimented me when I wore tight outfits

    Today black leggings, tight top from h&m saying be yourself light pink and a grey black cardigan that is also fitted. All in extremely fitted and I do feel a bit like a sexual being because I’m all fitted and I feel a bit slinky in this outfit, maybe too slinky for church

    • colsonstyletheory

      Lol Rachel, you’re funny.. You can easily pull of an oversize outfit you just simple think proportions and decide wether your top half will be oversize or your bottom half.

      • Both my bottom half and top half are sexy. Hard decision ????

        • colsonstyletheory

          Lol Rachel you crack me up.. Decisions decisions x