#RitaColson2017 – Part 1

#RitaColson2017 – Part 1


It’s been ages guys!!!! I’m sitting here on the eve of the press launch of my debut collection reflecting on the journey I’ve had, deciding to officially launch and what it has taken to achieve this goal.  So who is Rita Akosua Colson? I am a Ghanaian British-born West London Bridal designer and this would be my debut Bridal collection.

Why Bridal?

I’ve been asked many times and the story goes like this; I made 3 dresses they were all in very dark colours I decided to make the last one in a lighter shade which happened to be beige. I shot the dresses and posted them on social media. I noticed the lighter shade got more attention and was being referred to as a wedding gown. My initial reaction was ‘er noOoo’ however I soon realized that as a creative designer that loves to experiment with texture and form, it was perfect. Bridal gave me the freedom to create, to design one of the pieces and imagine big. I love the juxtaposition of traditional and fashion forward ideas. I’m intrigued by how different they are, how they contradict one another and at the same time how similar they can be too.


I am inspired by everything around me, I never completely switch off. I’ve always got my ‘creative antennas’ switched on as inspiration often comes from unexpected places. Although I have always been fascinated with dance and theatre. I love watching dancers translate an outfit with the movements they make. It’s truly like watching an outfit come alive.

About the Collection

Creativity, artistry, and attention to detail are at the forefront of my designs. Every dress is made to be, or have the feel of a ‘one of a kind’ piece. My current collection is inspired by my love of bold silhouettes, vintage and playful textures. It’s a collection that celebrates the craftsmanship of intricate beading, appliqué of 3D flowers over lace cleverly styled and put together. This collection is designed with the independent woman in mind. A woman who enjoys investing in classic pieces and always opts for style and what suits her body and not necessarily what’s ‘trending’

*Images of the collection coming soon*.

Thank you for stopping by I will update you on the press launch, in the meantime look out for my social media feed on the Press launch.

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