Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain

Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain


HelloO beautiful people! Its been awhile, almost 10 days since I last posted. How are you all doing? I’ve been very busy in the studio cooking up some special projects just for you – all will be revealed in due time!

Recently I was interviewed by a group of fashion students who asked me where I get my inspiration from. To be honest, I have often heard other people respond to that question and their answers are always very specific and profound. So when I got asked this question I really thought very hard and tried to give an answer that i felt was ‘deep’ – but nothing specific was coming out. The truth is, I get my inspiration from everywhere and anywhere; in fact upon answering this question I realised that I never switch off my creative antennae  (Hmmmm interesting, this statement would make a great part 2 to this post) especially when I’m starting a new design project, which is what I am presently doing.

I spent an afternoon at the Tate Britain. The idea was to go and see the work of Henry Moore’s semi abstract bronze sculptures. He is one of my favourite sculptors, and I often refer back to his work when I feel an idea is not working. I have to point out that I’ve been to the Tate Britain many times but this time was different, because I only managed to get as far as the stairs. Now if you’ve ever been to Tate Britain you would know the ‘stairs’ I’m referring to and if you haven’t allow me the pleasure of trying to describe to you my latest obsession.

The fairest of all staircases

Spiralling up from the cafe and restaurant on the lower level, to the main entrance, is a slick marble staircase beneath the dramatic domed rotunda. This masterpiece came about through the remodelling of the gallery 3 years ago. With its art deco scallop pattern recalling the Tate’s original marble mosaic floor, walking down it felt like a glamorous sweep into the 1930s. All that I was missing was a fabulous 1930s gown, some music and a glass of sherry in one hand with a fur stole across my shoulders. This could be the set of Poirot, a murder mystery party scene I would be the the glamorous host and and..ok too much back to 2016. Nevertheless the i spent the majority of my time at the Tate walking up and down the staircase, begging my friend to take yet another picture of me and promising it was the last. I eventually pulled myself away when my friend refused to continue to take part in the impromptu photoshoot. I would’ve happily  spent the whole time there, however it started to look a little strange when I realised the staff had spotted me and people were now hesitant to walk up the stairs. Lol.. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you think it was worth all the hassle.

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Hahahahaha look at that grin...that was my fourth or fifth time walking up and down the staircase. Lol.