It’s a skirt

It’s a skirt


What happens when you’ve had your eye on an item of clothing for ages but you’re waiting for it to go on sale. Everyday you’re checking any moment now, any moment now it finally goes on sale you start the buying process only to find your size is sold out. NoO. Well if you’re as relentless as I am you go ahead and buy it anyway after all what’s a few sizes up. So that’s what I did I bought a size 14 skirt, wore it as a dress on my petite size 6 frame and voilà here are the results.

The skirt is from Asos is on sale though sizes are very limited, its called the Decadence 3D Appliqué Tulle Prom Skirt it can be found in the petite and tall range. If you want to try out the skirt worn as a dress look but you’re concerned about the length then opt for the tall range. I would also advice that you go two sizes up from your normal size, this will add to the volume and shape of the ‘dress’. It’s beautiful wether worn as a dress or a skirt, the woven fabric, semi-sheer and heavily embellished piece is best styled with minimum accessories so not to take away from the details.

I had so much fun styling this shoot, and I was definitely in my element of thinking outside of the box. I love finding different ways of wearing my favourite pieces, for me this is how style should be approached outside of fashion trends and more on the art form.

Why don’t you break out of the fashion wheel of what’s in and what’s out and wear a skirt as a dress. Lol…

I would love to hear of how you got on.


Here are other suggestions of skirts that can be worn as dresses.


ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleated Satin

ASOS Polka Dot Midi Skirt – SALE

ASOS Closet Bow Front Midi Skirt in Sateen – SALE



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Shoes - Aldo (old)

Cheeeeeeeeeese lol
  • Maria A

    Love love love this look!!! I was actually quite surprised when you said it was a skirt as you really can’t tell…. the fabric, the style just works so very well and it actually looks really dressy like for a wedding or special occasion. I’ve done this before with simple maxi skirts to make them into midi dress but I need to experiment more with these styles of skirt. Coupled with those shoes too make it really outstanding….I just love it!!! ????

    • colsonstyletheory

      Yes this look is definitely for a special occasion like a wedding. Someone actually said it could pass for a shorter length wedding dress. I’m glad you like it, please try it out with other skirts and let me know how you get on.

  • Temilade Kadri

    This is such a great idea! Fashion really has no rules. I’ve actually done this with a maxi dress because my bust is off the scale Looooool. Didn’t fit into my size 16 dress so started wearing it as a maxi skirt. Need to try this more often. Thanks