Madmoiselle Privé

Mademoiselle Privé

Chanel the iconic French Fashion house, made a temporary home for itself in London this autumn. Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL presented a captivated journey through the House’s creativity. The Mademoiselle Prive exhibition opened the doors to Chanel’s lavish history, from Coco Chanel’s exquisite bedroom and Atelier rooms to current director Karl Lagerfeld’s famous dresses and imagination.

Installed on all three floors of the Gallery, the enticing adventure brought to mind the House’s essential elements: audacity, freedom, and innovation whether it is the history of Gabrielle Chanel’s inspirations or Karl Lagerfeld’s inimitable take on CHANEL’s codes, symbols, and icons.

The free exhibition showcased the first and only jewellery collection designed by Coco Chanel dating back to 1932. Worth 1 million pounds the diamond encrusted jewellery was the showcase to open up the world of Haute Couture in the exhibition.

Inside the gallery, the life story begins from the original hat shop where Chanel’s career first began in a factory which portrays the conception of Chanel No5, to the totem room which celebrates Chanel’s signature pieces.

Although it was only opened for three weeks, Chanel’s Mademoiselle Prive made a lasting imprint in the hearts of all Chanel lovers. It provided an in-depth insight into the brand and affirmed the reasons why it still rivals the fashion industry 106 years on.

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