Collaboration – Cuts For Him and Her

Collaboration – Cuts For Him and Her

It’s been awhile since my last post exactly 10 days, that’s equivalent to 10 months in the blogging world. How are you doing, what’s been happening? It’s officially spring I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been cooking up especially for the season… *giggles*

As many of you may know I love menswear and I’m not ‘shy’ to go to the mens section of any store to ask for the smallest sizes.. The conversation often goes like this, whilst holding a ton of clothing..

Me:  Do you have this in the smallest size?

Sales person: Errrrrr what’s his neck size?

Me:  Neck size, errrrr the same size as mine, small..?!

Sales person:  Ok…how about the sleeve length?

Me:  The same as mine?!.. *giggling at this point*

Sales person:  Huh?.. :-/

Me:  Okay, okay It’s for me just give me the smallest size you have in all of these


This has happened so many times that my local menswear stores now know me very well. I’m glad to say I didn’t have to go through that again when preparing for this shoot.

So last year I collaborated with menswear blogger Cuts for Him on a shoot where I styled model Jenny Kay in one of his suits.
‘What had happen was’ the original plan of the shoot had backfired so we had to improvise, I suggested menswear on women and ‘voila’ here are the results.

Captured by Mista Skee on camera the clothes, the colours, textures and decor of the hip West Thirty Six was just gorgeous.

The trick to making menswear work on a woman is having the balance between masculine and feminine. Masculine being the shape, cut and clean lines of the suit, the feminine being the colour, the accessories, shoes, bags and earrings these add the feminine touch. However do not over do it as less is more when it comes to this look.

‘Burrowing from the boys’ ‘Menswear on Women’ all of these can be fun and super stylish however can also look a little too much if its not styled right. If ever in doubt go for a tailored blazer that can be worn with your favourite pair of skinny jeans as demonstrated in my post ‘Oh Boy’.


* Check out the write up on the men’s version of this post on Cuts For Him


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Jenny | Suit - FCUK | Shirt - TM Lewin | Shoes - Kurt Gieger | Bow Tie (vintage) - Portobello Market |
Photos by Mista Skee

* The Team *
  • Maria A

    Brilliant look with the masculine suit on a female……the colour and the cut are very complimenting and paired with the heels gives it the perfect feminine touch without overdoing it…….I’d definitely rock this style!

    • colsonstyletheory

      Yes the navy blue suit works really well and the heels just gives it the lift. Would love to see how you would style this look on yourself..


  • Dwaine Morgan

    Ree ree you’ve done an amazing job here. I infact have a suit this colour love it lol the shoes do bring that feminine touch i could definetly see you in this .looks amazing girl excited to see more????

    • colsonstyletheory

      Thanks Dwaine, this is one of my favourite looks as its about style and doesn’t necessarily rely on trends or labels. Looks amazing on Jenny. #POWERSUIT


  • Haha love the mini conversation! And the concept for the shoot was very cool. I love how laid back, casual yet elegant the model looks in the suit and the bow tie adds that pop of colour to make it sound out. I wouldn’t haven’t even guessed it was a mens suit unless you said it. Great job! 🙂

    • colsonstyletheory

      Thanks Whithevisionair, it was such a fun shoot and i love the bow tie too such a great colour. Would make a gorgeous shade for lipstick..teheheheee 😀