#RitaColson2017 – The Press Launch

#RitaColson2017 – The Press Launch


Hello lovelies, so I’ve had time to ‘rest’ recuperate and ready for the next thing. If I’m honest I was ready for the next thing even before the launch ended I already had in place my next move. I love what I do and because of that it’s never ‘work’ I honestly find it very difficult to switch my creative antennas off. I might have a problem…lol My reason for this is I don’t want to miss anything, I want to be fully present.

My debut collection was launched to a VIP audience with leading wedding and fashion industry press and guests at RSA House on Friday 24th March. The launch was produced and hosted by Director of Nu Bride and renowned wedding expert Nova Reid, as part of her Nu Bride Presents series; showcasing progressive brands with inclusive diversity at the core of their work.

The guests were treated to a vibrant, creative and inclusive catwalk show that captured the essence of the collection. I love having contrast in my work and this case the juxtaposition was on tradition with a modern twist. Celebrating the nostalgia of tradition whilst embracing creativity and style. The collection was accessorised by Kelly Spence and Charlotte Mills Bridal, a beautiful showcased of diverse models, to the elegant sound of sensational classical classic opera singer Abigail Broughton complemented by contemporary dancer Jermaine Joseph's powerful opening performance to Casta Diva. The fusion of live music and dance visibly moved guests and included opera classics Summertime and Mio Bambino Caro, encapsulating my love of art, music, dance and creativity. Gorrrrrgeous!!!!  🙂

The Tavern Room at the RSA House was the perfect backdrop for the launch, just a stone's throw off the Strand, and round the corner from The Savoy, this was truly stuff that dreams are made of. The Georgian style of the building was perfectly complemented by extravagant floral displays, candles and traditional white seating. Spring flowers were used ranunculus, hellebores, 'White O'Hara' and 'Patience' garden roses were dotted in the bouquets as well as the seating and trailing fireplace floral displays. It was extremely elegant and fresh; and of course behind every successful production there are an exceptional team that put everything together. I was blessed to work with an amazing team of UK wedding industry suppliers, Matt Maurice Events, Over The Top Rentals, HK Hair Artist, Joyce Connor MUA, De Winton Paper Co, featuring show - stopping flowers by Miriam Faith Flowers. The event was captured by Fine Art photographer Cecilia Photography and Urban Cinematography.

Contemporary Dancer - Jermaine Joseph


Behind the Seams - @RSA

Rehearsals before the show


Thank you for stopping by hope you’ve enjoyed reading my journey into creating my debut bridal collection.  See you soon and leave a comment.

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#RitaColson2017 – Part 1

#RitaColson2017 – Part 1


It’s been ages guys!!!! I’m sitting here on the eve of the press launch of my debut collection reflecting on the journey I’ve had, deciding to officially launch and what it has taken to achieve this goal.  So who is Rita Akosua Colson? I am a Ghanaian British-born Bridal designer, from West London and this would be my debut Bridal collection.

Why Bridal?

I’ve been asked many times and the story goes like this; I made 3 dresses they were all in very dark colours I decided to make the last one in a lighter shade which happened to be beige. I photographed the dresses and posted them on social media. I noticed the lighter shade got more attention and was being referred to as a wedding gown. My initial reaction was ‘er noOoo’ however I soon realized that as a creative that loves to experiment with texture and form, Bridal design was perfect. It gave me the freedom to create, to design ‘one of’ pieces and imagine big. After all it’s been said that a woman’s wedding day is equivalent to her going to the Oscars. I love how I could design something very traditional yet ‘fashion forward’. I love the dance between the traditional bridal look and the alternative, it’s one of the many concepts I try to show within my designs.


I am inspired by everything around me, I never completely switch off. I’ve always got my ‘creative antennas’ switched on as inspiration often comes from unexpected places. Although I have always been fascinated with dance and theatre. I love watching dancers translate an outfit with the movements they make. It’s truly like watching an outfit come alive.

About the Collection

Creativity, artistry, and attention to detail are at the forefront of my designs. Every dress is made to be, or have the feel of a ‘one of a kind’ piece. My current collection is inspired by my love of bold silhouettes, vintage and playful textures. It’s a collection that celebrates the craftsmanship of intricate beading, appliqué of 3D flowers over lace cleverly styled and put together. This collection is designed with the independent woman in mind. A woman who enjoys investing in classic pieces and always opts for style and what suits her body and not necessarily what’s ‘trending’

*Images of the collection coming soon*.

Thank you for stopping by I will update you on the press launch, in the meantime look out for my social media feed on the Press launch.

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Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain

Life of a bridal designer – My afternoon at Tate Britain


HelloO beautiful people! Its been awhile, almost 10 days since I last posted. How are you all doing? I’ve been very busy in the studio cooking up some special projects just for you – all will be revealed in due time!

Recently I was interviewed by a group of fashion students who asked me where I get my inspiration from. To be honest, I have often heard other people respond to that question and their answers are always very specific and profound. So when I got asked this question I really thought very hard and tried to give an answer that i felt was ‘deep’ – but nothing specific was coming out. The truth is, I get my inspiration from everywhere and anywhere; in fact upon answering this question I realised that I never switch off my creative antennae  (Hmmmm interesting, this statement would make a great part 2 to this post) especially when I’m starting a new design project, which is what I am presently doing.

I spent an afternoon at the Tate Britain. The idea was to go and see the work of Henry Moore’s semi abstract bronze sculptures. He is one of my favourite sculptors, and I often refer back to his work when I feel an idea is not working. I have to point out that I’ve been to the Tate Britain many times but this time was different, because I only managed to get as far as the stairs. Now if you’ve ever been to Tate Britain you would know the ‘stairs’ I’m referring to and if you haven’t allow me the pleasure of trying to describe to you my latest obsession.

The fairest of all staircases

Spiralling up from the cafe and restaurant on the lower level, to the main entrance, is a slick marble staircase beneath the dramatic domed rotunda. This masterpiece came about through the remodelling of the gallery 3 years ago. With its art deco scallop pattern recalling the Tate’s original marble mosaic floor, walking down it felt like a glamorous sweep into the 1930s. All that I was missing was a fabulous 1930s gown, some music and a glass of sherry in one hand with a fur stole across my shoulders. This could be the set of Poirot, a murder mystery party scene I would be the the glamorous host and and..ok too much back to 2016. Nevertheless the i spent the majority of my time at the Tate walking up and down the staircase, begging my friend to take yet another picture of me and promising it was the last. I eventually pulled myself away when my friend refused to continue to take part in the impromptu photoshoot. I would’ve happily  spent the whole time there, however it started to look a little strange when I realised the staff had spotted me and people were now hesitant to walk up the stairs. Lol.. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you think it was worth all the hassle.

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Hahahahaha look at that grin...that was my fourth or fifth time walking up and down the staircase. Lol.



Slender Silhouettes – a feature in Nubride

Slender Silhouettes – a feature in Nubride

There are some collaborations that just work, you find the venue by accident, you’re push for time but some how it all comes together like magic… poW!

Last year i teamed up with model Jenny K and Menswear Lifestyle blogger and photographer Edmond Kamara of Cuts For Him, my vision for this shoot was to explore the juxtaposition of raw strength and beauty, colour and texture in nature. Nova at the award wining blog Nubride wrote a wonderful feature of the brand, the different processes in Bespoke / Couture dresses and the inspiration behind the photoshoot.

Check it out and tell me what you think.


Wedding gowns - Rita Colson London | Shoes - Kurt Geiger | Bouquet - Marks and Spencer |
Photos by Cuts For Him

Bespoke or not to Bespoke…

Why choose Bespoke?

The Bespoke service offered by the Rita Colson brand allows you to create a one-of-a-kind dress designed especially for you. You may wish to modify silhouettes or cuts from our Bridal dresses to create your own unique design, or it might be that you have ideas of your own that I can apply my skills and expertise to help you realise.

What are the benefits of choosing a bespoke dress?

Each bespoke dress is made from scratch in our studio. Often, this will require several fittings over and above our normal Couture service, as we need to create a brand new pattern.

I will work very closely with you to understand your needs, likes and dislikes and will guide you in what fabrics and shapes will work best for your unique shape, to ensure you walk away with a truly special piece.

How long will it take?

Bespoke wedding dresses take time to make to the exacting standards we insist on, therefore we advise brides to leave between 6-12 months between the commission and collection of their dress. If you have a shorter timescale, please get in touch, as sometimes we are able to accommodate you.

Real Bride - Lois Shimmen | A hand pleated gown with a touch of lace and a ruffle tail. Photo by www.mariadragan.com

Attention to detail - the inside of the garment should look just as good as the outside.

Work in progress - Fitting the dress.


Collaborating with Cliveden House

Collaborating with Cliveden House

Every now and then I like to look back and reflect on my achievements so far. I was reminded of the shoot that started it all. I had the opportunity of designing a mini collection based on Cliveden House, a luxury country house, a wedding venue in Berkshire.

It was the perfect setting for an enchanted wedding shoot. The fairy tale architecture, lavish interiors and breathtaking grounds set amongst 376 acres of National Trust parklands, overlooking the grounds. Wow!! It’s all coming back to me, it was truly breathtaking. Cliveden is surely one of the finest places in the UK to consider for a fabulous wedding.

With the venue so enriched in tradition and ornate, elaborate decor, I was mindful of not making my designs too traditional but rather marrying the traditional with the fashion forward slender silhouettes that the Rita Colson bride represents. The outcome was long sleek vintage lace dresses and soft tulle princess styled dress in blush.

Meghan Fay of Extraordinary Day Events was the mastermind behind the shoot. Bringing together the industry’s finest to create an A Team. I had never been on such a well thought through creative shoot before this one. The shoot has been published three times, Bridal Musings, ‘So you’re getting married’ and English wedding blog. It continues to serve as inspiration for wedding ideas.

Take a look, let me know what you think.


Bridal Gowns - Rita Colson London | Location - Cliveden House |
Photo by Ben Wetherall