‘All White?’

‘All White?’

As many of you may know I’m a bridal designer so to say that I love white, cream tones would be an understatement. I loOove whites and cream tones especially in the warmer weather it’s fresh, clean and sits well with other colours. Now with the warmer weather approaching, and the wedding season upon us i thought I should do a post on wearing white.

Ok so pulling off a white on white outfit can be quite tricky but being one of the hottest trends for this summer (in fact for most summers) I just had to bring myself to doing a number. The problem with trying to get a hit rather than a miss in an all white outfit is the fear of ending up with any if not all of these three dreadful outcomes; looking like a bride at someone’s wedding yikes, exposing unflattering features or generally just looking way overdressed for wherever it is you’re attending.

For that perfect all white look, we are talking shades, shapes, textures, layers, proportions and the right accessories. Today I have paired a blouse I bought from a charity shop, yes it’s a blouse and not a dress but i’m wearing it as a dress lol.. Its actually a size 18 and on my 5.1 petite frame it comes up as a dress. I love playing with proportions in my dressing. I never really pay much attention to sizes when buying clothes i am always drawn to outfits that can be worn multiple ways or has a defined shape. I have teamed up this blouse dress with a cape jacket from Zara.  The textures in this outfit is quite subtle, I love the slightly transparent (chiffon) dress next to the matt texture of the cape jacket and the cream tones of the shoes and bag.

In the end, it might actually not be all that hard after all trying to work out an all white look. Just pay a little more attention to details than you would with other tones and you might well end up with that pristine look you never thought you could create.


Here are some more guides..

Confidence – First tip to wearing an all white outfit is to have confidence, put aside all the silly rules on when and where you should wear whites, just have fun and experiment.

Texture – Stop your all white outfit looking flat by experimenting with textures. So chiffons against cotton, shiny and matt fabrics. By playing with texture you would add another dimension to your overall look.

Layering – Layering your white clothes will help add depth to your overall look. So for example a cropped jacket over a longline tank and skirt or maybe a long coat over a top and jeans. Being thoughtful with layers and balance is also another way of making the look interesting.

Accessories – You can easily change the feel of your all white outfit just by switching up your accessories.
Glam it up with metallic jewellery and clutches, or dress it down with bright baubles and patterned accessories.
If you want to achieve an entirely monochrome look but don’t have white shoes or bags handy, try neutral accessories that ‘blend in’ as demonstrated above.


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